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Ramona arrived into foster care back in April of 2021 with 6 kittens.  All of her kittens have been adopted.  Ramona has battled being sick for many months.  She had pneumonia and also a problem with her ear canal, as well as some dental issues   She was spayed, had her ears done and a dental ( she now has NO teeth).  We are still working on Ramonas ears, because she does get a wax build up and needs to have them cleaned.  She also gets a runny nose which we believe to be caused from her ear buildup.  We do have an appointment with an internist to see if anything can be done further to help her. 

 Ramona is a cautious girl who will accept petting on her terms.   She needs an experienced person who is not intimidated by her and is comfortable handling her to giver her pets, meds and take her to the vet as needed.   She does have some trust issues so she will need someone who is willing to give her space and work with her.  Ramona has never leashed out and scratched or bitten anyone.  She is cooperative at the vets office and even allowed cold laser therapy to her ears and nose.  

Ramona deserves her own home and someone who understands her struggles.

She does get along with other cats and is out and about in her foster room when the humans are in there. 

She is UTD, and tested negative 

Located in Blairstown, NJ


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